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Magazine #8

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PDA#8 | summary

cover #7 special guest: Almudena Cano Piñeiro

editorial #8 – The world is POP!

article #1 – Houses from an other world

article #2 – Without a project

 article #3 – Future-Past: Bacau, Romania

 project #1 – Urban strategies to regenerate indian public space

 reportage #1 – Tijuana, Mexico

 reportage #2 – Nairobi, Kenya

+ photography bonus – Christchurch, New Zeland

+ photography bonus – Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

EDITORIAL STAFF : Sebastian Di Guardo; Orazio Caruso; Davide Luca

COLLABORATORS: Almudena Cano Piñeiro, Ilja Marcus Burchard, Luigi Cavallo, Sergio Spampinato.

TRANSLATIONS : Laura Dumbrava, Orazio Caruso, Davide Luca

What happens at the edge of what is now the great continental conurbation? How is this happening and how should it be driven the healing mechanism? PDA # 8 tries to retrace the trajectory of the dwelling history, group traditions, costumes, ways of building: from all the Earth’s land areas.

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