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PDA#7 | summary

cover #7 special guest: Allan Chong

editorial #7 – Inside China

 reportage #1 – China: impression of a changing world.

 reportage #2/interview #13 – Claudio Greco, Tales from China

 article #1 – Let’s watch it from the other side.

 reportage #3 – Giovanni Piccione, 上海市 (Shanghai)

 reportage #4/interview #14 – 北京市 (Beijing), Santi Musmeci, +OUT

+ Literature bonus track – 孫子兵法 (The Art of War)

EDITORIAL STAFF : Sebastian Di Guardo; Orazio Caruso; Davide Luca

COLLABORATORS: Claudio Greco, Chiara Ye, Santi Musmeci, Giovanni Piccione

INTERVIEW : Claudio Greco, Santi Musmeci

TRANSLATIONS : Laura Dumbrava, Luigi Cavallo, Orazio Caruso, Davide Luca, Monica Castagnetta

We couldn’t resist to temptation to dedicate an our issue to China. We see a country that is maintaining a very high resilience production system, with gigantic interventions of massive state and private capital that push in designated directions – but it is also a country that is opening up more and more to the world. The point of view that we propose this time, compared to other monographic issues on the same subject, wants to be more original: people who work or have worked in China try to describe what their eyes have seen, and what their feelings of Westerners have caught.

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